LIMSTEEL is a computer program for the limit states design of steel structures according to the Australian and New Zealand Steel Structures Standards AS 4100 and NZS 3404. LIMSTEEL can also design DuraGal unlipped channels and angles according to the Australian/New Zealand Cold-Formed Steel Structures Standard AS/NZS 4600.

The program LIMSTEEL is available in two versions – standalone and integrated.

This program is the user-friendly standalone version of LIMSTEEL which provides the designer of steel structures with a simple, rapid, and economical method to check, design or proportion steel members and connectors. In the check mode, LIMSTEEL checks the capacities of a specified member or connector for the specified design actions. In the design mode, LIMSTEEL chooses the smallest from a selected group of member sections or connector sizes which is adequate for the specified design actions. In the proportioning mode, the user interacts with LIMSTEEL to proportion a welded I or box section member, or the stiffeners for such a member.

The integrated version of LIMSTEEL is used in conjunction with the two structural analysis programs Microstran and SPACE GASS. These programs allow an analysis of the complete frame to be done.



Setup file

Copy protection and purchasing

The program LIMSTEEL is copy-protected to prevent unauthorised copying of the program.

The setup file installs the demonstration copy of LIMSTEEL. The demonstration copy allows LIMSTEEL to be executed three times only.

To convert this into a fully licensed copy, a site key must be obtained. To obtain a site key, the user must supply the site code for their computer to the distributor. The site code is obtained by pressing ENTER when the LIMSTEEL splash screen appears after starting the program. When the site key is typed in and Validate is pressed, the demonstration copy of LIMSTEEL becomes a fully licensed copy.


Please contact Bentley Systems or Integrated Technical Software