Research in Structural Engineering at the University of Sydney

The Structures Group at Sydney University is undertaking numerous research projects supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC) or through industry grants.

This website outlines many of these projects including objectives, investigators, research students, publications and major findings.

Interested collaborators and potential PhD students are encouraged to contact the Group’s researchers about ongoing research and opportunities.


Research Projects

The projects cover wide range of research areas including:

  • Analytical and numerical developments in structural stability and analysis,
  • structural design and phenomenological methods,
  • structural reliability at system level, and
  • experimental investigations including experimental methods.

Funding for the research has been sourced from the Discovery and Linkage schemes of the Australian Research Council.



The Structures Group has developed numerous software tools to aid structural design and research. Click the above heading to see more information about these tools and download links to the software. Software has also been developed for some research projects or detailed experimental data has been made available. In these cases, links are provided with the abstract of the research report detailing the research.


Research Reports

The Structures Group publishes research outcomes in archival journals and conference proceedings. These publications may refer to details contained in research reports or PhD thesis made available on this link.