Coinciding with the publication of the third edition of Professor Gregory Hancock’s book Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structures, his colleague Dr Murray Clarke has released the computer software ColdSteel which brings cold-formed steel design to AS/NZS 4600 within the practical reach of all structural engineers. The software has been developed within the Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering over a number of years and has been rigorously tested against the design examples in Professor Hancock’s book and a range of other problems.

ColdSteel is intended to be used as a cold-formed steel design “calculator” that facilitates the semi-automated design of cold-formed steel structural members by freeing the engineer from the complex detail of effective section, distortional buckling stress and other detailed design computations.

ColdSteel can design all the section shapes listed in the users manual which can be downloaded below. The program allows the user to input different sizes of these shapes. The program also allows the user to input different steel grades.

There is no other software on the market which is comparable to ColdSteel. If you are in the business of cold-formed steel design, ColdSteel will quickly become an indispensable design tool.



Demo setup file

Users manual


Single-user licence – $1,500 + GST

Multi-user licence (5 copies) – $3,000 + GST