PURLIN4600 is a computer program for generating purlin load capacity tables for cold-formed C-sections subjected to uniformly distributed load. The sections can be designed with or without roof sheeting attached. Tables for Z-sections with roof sheeting can also be generated by modeling the section as an equivalent channel section. The program can also generate tables for any doubly symmetric and monosymmetric section by using the direct strength method.

The user can select purlin configurations from one to five spans and cantilevers with one span. Purlin systems with two or more spans can be lapped or unlapped. In addition, up to three rows of bridging can be included in each span. The effects of load height and restraint caused by bridging and roof sheeting on flexural-torsional buckling are also taken into account.

Strength limit state design load capacities for section capacity, flexural-torsional buckling capacity, distortional buckling capacity, combined moment and shear capacity, combined moment and bearing capacity, and connection capacity are calculated for a range of span lengths. The load capacity calculated by the direct strength method is also displayed. A serviceability limit state design load capacity is also calculated. Required bolt sizes and grades are given for the governing design capacity.



Copy protection and purchasing

The program PURLIN4600 is supplied with a hardware lock to prevent unauthorised copying of the program.


Single-user licence – $10,000 + GST