THIN-WALL-2 is a development of the THIN-WALL program to include shear loading and localised loading. The shear loading results in more complex buckling modes which can be captured by THIN-WALL-2.

The localised loading results in non-uniform stresses which are not included in THIN-WALL so that a pre-buckling analysis is performed in this case to determine the stress distributions in the section prior to buckling.

The program calculates the longitudinal stresses caused by moment and axial load, shear stresses caused by shear load, and normal stresses caused by localised load. The buckling deformations due to these stresses are also calculated. The stresses and buckling deformations can also be displayed in 2D or 3D on the screen.

The program has been written to align with the Direct Strength Method (DSM) of design in AS/NZS 4600 and AISI S100. The program is written in C++ code with a Matlab interface.

Education and research

A free version of THIN-WALL-2 is available for educational and research purposes only and cannot be used for commercial purposes. The program is limited to 50 strips and 51 nodes, does not include DSM design and cannot create a report.

A commercial version of THIN-WALL-2 is available which has a capability of 200 strips and 201 nodes, although the localised loading analysis is still limited to 50 strips and 51 nodes. It also includes DSM design for compression, bending and shear to AS/NZS 4600 and can create a report.

Download and setup instructions


Free version

Download the following files into any directory except the Program Files directory:

THIN-WALL-2 V1.1.exe

Before running THIN-WALL-2 V1.1.exe, download and install the Matlab Compiler Runtime:


Alternatively, if your computer is blocking the download of the above four exe files, download the following zip file:

Price for commercial version

Single-user licence – $1,500 + GST

Multi-user licence (5 copies) – $3,000 + GST