THIN-WALL is a user-friendly computer program for calculating the section properties and stresses in thin-walled cross-sections of general geometry. The input data for the program includes the geometry of the cross-section and the stress resultants acting at the cross-section. The program calculates the section properties, sectorial coordinate, and the longitudinal and shear stresses for open and closed cross-sections.

THIN-WALL can also perform an elastic buckling analysis of thin-walled structures subjected to longitudinal stress. The structure being analysed may be a folded plate system, a stiffened plate or a thin-walled structural member but it must be uniform in thickness in the longitudinal direction and simply supported at its ends. The longitudinal edges may be simply supported, clamped or free along the full length of the plate system. The analysis can be done for a number of different buckle half-wavelengths of the structure and the load factor and buckled shape are output for each length. The types of buckling modes calculated include local, distortional and flexural-torsional buckling.



Setup file

Copy protection and purchasing

The program THIN-WALL is copy-protected to prevent unauthorised copying of the program.

The setup file installs the demonstration copy of THIN-WALL. The demonstration copy allows THIN-WALL to be executed three times only. The user can inspect the data input and the results output of the program but cannot perform an analysis. Examples are provided in the directory Working, which is a subdirectory of the THIN-WALL program file directory.

To convert this into a fully licensed copy, a site key must be obtained. To obtain a site key, the user must supply the site code for their computer. The site code is obtained by pressing ENTER when the THIN-WALL splash screen appears after starting the program. When the site key is typed in and Validate is pressed, the demonstration copy of THIN-WALL becomes a fully licensed copy.


Single-user licence – $1,500 + GST

Multi-user licence (5 copies) – $3,000 + GST